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Saturday, June 22, 2024
DepartmentDivision of Public Health ServicePublic Health Emergency Preparedness Program

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program


Mission Statement

To support and strengthen the Navajo Nation’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from public health threats and emergencies to save lives.

The Navajo Nation is the largest federally recognized tribe in the US and according 2010 census count, the number is well over 300,000 residing on 27,000 square miles of land extended into Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.  The tribal land spans across three (3) states and thirteen (13) counties. 

The Navajo Nation is sectioned into five (5) agency grids established by federal agencies in the early 1900s.  Today, it is also sub-divided into 110 chapter communities.  



PHEP Grant

The Navajo Nation was introduced to a CDC Cooperative Grant in 2005.  By virtue of an IGA with Arizona Department of Health the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Program was established.  (Formerly Bio-Terrorism)

Today, the Navajo Nation participates in various preparedness activities with monthly regional resource meetings, joint trainings and exercises.  The relations with cross jurisdictional agencies are better, in terms of communication and resource sharing during emergency operations; and although we have many successes with the CDC Cooperative PHEP grant received from Arizona Department of Health, it serves only a portion of Navajo Nation.



Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program

(928) 871-6525 Main

(928) 871-7954 Secondary

(928) 871-7960 Fax

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1390

Window Rock, Arizona 86515

Physical Address:

Admin Bldg. # 2296 Window Rock Boulevard Window Rock, Arizona

Dariel Yazzie, Program Manager 

Shawna Jim-James, Administrative Assistant 

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