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Monday, December 11, 2023
DepartmentDivision of Public Health ServiceNavajo Cancer Prevention Program

Navajo Cancer Prevention Program



Mission Statement

To reduce breast and cervical cancers by engaging communities and partners to promote, increase, and improve the quality of health outcomes.

BC Fact Sheet

OMNN Cervical Cancer Awareness & Prevention with Navajo Cancer Prevention Program

Office of Miss Navajo Nation 2-Day Educational Series: Breast Cancer Awareness & Prevention

Breast Cancer Awareness

9/21/2023 Updates


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NNBCCPP Program-Partner Reporting Form


Episode 1: Navajo Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

The Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention or NACP presents the NACP Taking Care of Us Podcast, where we dive into cancer-related topics and explore the types of programs available to Indigenous or Native communities in Arizona. In this episode, we will be learning more about the Navajo Nation Breast and Cervical Cancer Program and what staff have been doing to continue offering important and potentially life-saving mammography and cervical screening services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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NNBCCPP Schedule

Navajo Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

December 2023 &

January 2024 Mobile

Mammography Schedule

NBCCEDP 30th Anniversary Awardee: Navajo Nation

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Navajo Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

2296 Window Rock Boulevard

Window Rock, AZ 86515

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1390

Window Rock, AZ 86515

E-Mail Address:

Main Office (928) 871-6348

Chinle (928) 674-7597

Kayenta (928) 697-4054

Winslow (928) 289-8150

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